Custom Fields Added to uCare Pro

As of uCare v1.6, Custom Fields is now available for uCare Pro users! This feature has been built based on user feedback, and we’re happy to announce it’s release, as we continue to add valuable features to uCare.

Custom Fields allows you to customize the ticket form, by adding your own fields to it, anywhere you like. You can use this feature to tailor uCare to your business needs. It includes support for text fields, text areas, dropdowns, radio buttons and it validates URLs, emails, phone numbers, strings, integers and also supports password fields.

Custom Fields comes with an intuitive, and easy to use user interface, built in React.js. We modelled the Custom Fields UI after the WordPress Gutenberg editor, thus creating an easy to use & familiar interface, allowing users to perform complex tasks with ease.

Click here to learn more about this feature.

One thought on “Custom Fields Added to uCare Pro

  1. There is any chance to use JUST my custom fields and skip the other fields as category or so on?

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