Why do you need a WordPress Help Desk ?

If you have a business that provides products or services, then you’re likely receiving calls and/or emails from your customers. How do you log these incidents ? And how to you keep track of the conversations between your customers and your support staff ? Are you currently able to effectively search and filter your support requests ?

Providing customer service via email can be a pain for your business, and for your customers. Emails do not provide your customers any information or status while they’re waiting. Emails are not the most professional way to provide support or customer service, especially if you have multiple people, providing customer service and support, within your company. Moreover, sorting and managing emails within any inbox is not the most effective way to manage your requests, as things can easily be forgotten about or missed.

Using a help desk is guaranteed to increase your effectiveness at providing customer service and support. It will also give your customers comfort, knowing that they can view their tickets and requests in real time at any moment. Your customers will trust your your business more, knowing that they can get help from you effectively, in a professional way.

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