Auto Agent is a configurable, automatic responder to your users and customers, when they create new tickets. With Auto Agent, you can create your responses, and configure which get used using information from the ticket.

Auto Agent Preview

Deliver Instant Automated Responses

Using Auto Agent, you can automate your initial ticket responses, provide instant answers to your users, increase user satisfaction, and reduce your workload.

Auto Agent allows you to append multiple responses together in each response, and set rules for each response. You can create automated responses based on ticket category, ticket contents (keyword, phrase), or the E-commerce product. With these tools, you can really drill down and add unique and pre-defined answers to all your common user questions.

How it Works

Create pre-defined responses to your potential questions you will receive in the help desk. Then, use the Auto Agent user interface to define when these responses get utilized. You can configure your responses using rules, such as:

  1. Response based on ticket category.
  2. Response based on keyword in ticket title
  3. Response based on keyword in ticket content
  4. Response based on E-commerce product.

You can combine your rules with AND and OR statements. Example: Include response segment IF ticket category IS  “shipping” AND ticket content CONTAINS “how much”.