Customize the Ticket form with the Custom Fields add-on. Create your own fields, place them anywhere in the ticket, and decide who has access to viewing the data.

We have created an excellent and easy to use interface, which allows you to create any type of form field, set permission by user role, select if it’s a required field, add a label, placeholder and more!

Available Fields

1. Text box: Text, URL, Email Address, Date, Password, Number, Telephone
2. Text area
3. Option: Dropdown, Radio buttons

Custom Fields Preview

How Custom Fields Works

Go to the Custom Fields submenu item under uCare Support in your WordPress dashboard. From there, you can create as many fields as you want, which will show up in the “Create Ticket” form. You can set if the submitted data should show up in the ticket, and you can also set permissions by user role to each field.