This plugin is an extension to the uCare Support System.

uCare Customer Satisfaction Survey extension is an add-on that allows you to automatically send a survey to rate the agents performance on the ticket, and to collect feedback from the customer. This is a great plugin for businesses that want to show their customers that they care about their experience and feedback. Additionally this is a great extension that allows you to identify your agents’ performance, and rating when compared with the rest of the team.

How it works:

When the ticket is marked closed ( by agent, customer or auto-close ), the customer will receive an email notifying them of the ticket being closed. The email will also contain a rating within the email. Upon clicking on any of the ratings, the response will be stored in your help desk. The customer will then also have the option to add comments about their experience.


This add-on is created with the business and the manager in mind. It is designed in a way to give you great insight regarding how satisfied your customer are, how efficient your agents are, as well as very valuable feedback written by clients about things you can improve in your support or business operation.

Overall Satisfaction & Performance by Agent

Client written feedback

Satisfaction Rating Email

This is the email your customer will receive after a ticket has been closed. The customer can easily click on any of the icons to express how satisfied they are with the support.

Satisfaction Response

Once the customer clicks on the rating icon, they will be directed to a page on your website that appears like this. Here, the customer can add additional details about their experience. This is very useful for the success of your support and your business operation to hear back from clients, because they can tell you what works, and what needs to be improved.

Plugin license is valid for 1 year from purchase. For full terms click here. More questions ? Contact us.