Get Involved

Do you like uCare? Are you finding it useful for your business operation? You can contribute to the development of this plugin in multiple ways!

Our team has spent over 800 hours and counting ( as of August 2017 ) to build, maintain and support this free plugin. Here are some of the ways you can contribute to the future improvement of uCare.

1. Buy an add-on

This used to be an option to donate, however if you’re going to donate some money, you might as well get something back! Our add-ons for uCare are priced very reasonably. Check out our growing list of add-ons.

2. Submit tickets:

Did you come across a bug? Do you have recommendations for improvement ? Please submit a support request. This software evolved with the needs of it’s users, and your feedback is greatly appreciated.

3. Leave a 5-star review:

Don’t want to spend any money? That’s fine! Help us make this plugin popular by leaving us a review on WordPress.org

4. Become a beta-tester:

Help us test new versions of the plugin by becoming a beta tester. This means that you get early access to plugin releases, and you can help us test and identify potential issues. Fill out the form below to apply to be a beta tester.