Developer’s intro to uCare

June 5, 2017

uCare has been designed and coded to be scalable and extendable. The code is well organized and easy to read. If you are looking to contribute to the uCare code, you can do so by contributing to the core plugin, or creating extensions for it. If you find bugs or issues in the plugin and want to suggest or apply a fix, you can do that as well. This article explains how to do so.

GitHub – Bug tracking

uCare has a public repository on GitHub. This is where we track bugs, features and any kind of work to be applied to the plugin. This is where we also deploy releases, and create projects for planning future releases of the uCare. All these items in GitHub are tracked as issues. If you have uncovered any bugs or errors, or if you have a suggestion that will improve the behaviour of uCare, you can create a ticket in GitHub, then add a title and a description. View the current list of issues here.

Submit your code

If you have code that you want to add to the core plugin, you can do so by creating a Pull Request directly from the GitHub repository. Alternatively, if you have created an add-on, you can contact us to discuss listing and potentially selling your add-on on this site.

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