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September 10, 2017

Control how some things are labelled on your help desk from this tab. This allows you to change the terminology and is very useful if you want to change the labels to a different language.

Ticket Categories

Tickets have a category option, which you can use in a number of ways. This section allows you to change the name of “category” to something else, such as product, department, brand, service or anything else.

Categories name

This option lets you set the name of the ticket category. Set it to anything you want, for example: Product.

Categories name plural

Set the plural version of the noun above, for example: Products.

Categories enabled

Do you want to display the ticket category selection dropdown in the Create Ticket form? If yes, check this option and it will be automatically added to the form.

Text & Labels

This is a list of various labels used throughout the support help desk, which you can customize easily from this section.


The help desk has several pre-determined areas where you can add text with ease from this section.

Login Widget Area

A message that is visible to everyone on the login page. Write your message to display, or leave blank if you do not want to use this.

User Widget Area

This appears above the tickets list for your customer. You can add instructions or any message that you would like your customers to see.

Agent Widget Area

This appears above the tickets list for your agents. You can add friendly messages, updates or instructions that only your agents can see.

Quick Link Enabled

Adds a link from your site to the support system. You can turn this off or on. The quick link widget will show up in the bottom-left corner of your website.

Quick Link Label

Change the text of the quick link by editing this option. It defaults to “Get Support”.

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