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September 10, 2017

uCare is equipped with many automated email notifications that you can enable, disable or customize. The email templates look professional out of the box. Additionally, the email templates have shortcodes so that you can send tailored emails to each user.

Each type of notification will be automatically associated with an email template. You can use the dropdown to associate the notification with a different template, or simply to disable the notification. To view or edit the contents of the email, you can do so by heading over to the Email Templates menu in your WordPress dashboard.

notification templates

Disabling a certain notification can be done by selecting the “Notification Disabled” option.

disable notification

Email Notification Settings

Control general email functionality from here.

Email Notifications

Turn email notifications on/off from here. If turned off, no emails will be sent.

Admin email

Set the email address of the help desk administrator. Admin notifications will be sent to this address.

Sender email

Set the “from” email address that you want users to see when they receive notifications through the help desk.

Sender name

Set the name that you want to appear in the notifications that are sent through the help desk.

User Notifications

These are notifications that are automatically sent to your users(customers). This includes:

  • Welcome: Sent when the user registers for the first time.
  • Ticket created: Sent when the user creates a ticket.
  • Agent reply: Sent to the user when the ticket gets a reply from an agent.
  • Ticket closed: Sent to the user when the ticket is closed.
  • Forgot Password: Sent to the user when they have reset their password.
  • Automatic close warning: Sent to the user when a ticket is marked stale, 1 day before it is automatically closed.

Agent Notifications

These are notifications that are automatically sent to the agent. This includes:

  • Customer reply: Sent to the agent that is assigned to a ticket when the customer has posted a reply.
  • Ticket assigned: Sent to the agent when they have been assigned a ticket.

Admin Notifications

  • New Ticket: Sent to the admin when a new ticket has been created by any user.

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