Managing Custom Fields

May 23, 2018

Customizing the Create Ticket Form

The create ticket form can easily be customized using the Custom Fields form editor. This allows additional to be captured when the user creates a ticket. After the ticket has been created, these details will populate below the ticket body.

The form editor can be easily accessed from the admin menu


Adding Custom Fields

The editor displays the various sections of the form where custom fields can be added. To add a new field, simply click the “Add Field” button in the section of which you would like the field to be displayed in. Once added the new field will show up in the section below the title.

After clicking the add button on the desired section, a slide out menu will appear where you can select the type of field you would like to add. While the field insertion pane is open, the section that you are currently inserting into will remain highlighted. At the time of writing, supported types include regular text fields, Text Areas and Option fields such as radio groups/selection boxes.

Editing & Tweaking Custom Fields

After selecting or adding a field, an inspector panel will display where you can configure the field. By default, new fields are not enabled. You are also able to set whether or not the field is required and select the user roles that the value of the field will be visible to once submitted.

After making changes to a field, a prompt will appear to save your changes in the editor toolbar.

After saving all changes, it is recommended to test creating a ticket to ensure that all enabled fields display in the proper sections.

Viewing Custom Field Submissions

Once the ticket has been created, all values captured from the custom fields will display below the ticket body in the Additional Details section.

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