Setting Up Automated Responses

May 23, 2018

Defining Automatic Ticket Responses

uCare pro makes it easy to define an automated response when a ticket is created. Support admins can configure multiple presets that are comprised of one or more response segments. Each segment can define conditions that need to be met before it can be appended to the response.

To begin creating custom responses, please ensure that both the Responses and Automated Agent modules are enabled.

Creating Response Segments

Response segments can be created by navigating to the Responses submenu in the WordPress admin.

Tip: It is recommended that you create separate responses for each segment that you would like to appear conditionally.

Configuring Response Presets

To create a new Response Preset, click the Add New button and then give the preset a title and set the user that will be the author of the response.

To add a Response Segment, click the Add Response Segment button and then select the response you would like to display. You can then fine tune the conditions which must be met before the segment is appended to the response as well as add additional content to be appended after the segment.

Tip: Ensure segments are appended in an order that remains logical if some conditions fail

Automating responses is a powerful tool that can help reduce your support queue by giving customers an immediate response that may provide the solution to their issue without having to wait for an agent to respond.

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