Software Licensing

May 23, 2018

Capturing License Keys

uCare Pro integrates with Easy Digital Downloads’ Software Licensing to pull in extra details about a purchase. You can choose to either restrict ticket creation to only those who provide a valid license key or leave the license key as an optional field and allow users without a valid license to create a ticket.

Note: When license key restriction is enabled, users must enter a valid license key and select the matching product in order to create a ticket.

Viewing License Details

After the ticket has been created, the license details will appear below the purchase details. Information about the license includes: the key and an indicator of its validity; The license expiration; the number of activations/activations remaining; and all of the current URLs that the license is active on.

Connecting to a Remote Store

You can connect to a remote EDD store by following the steps outlined at the end of the Easy Digital Downloads Integration KB article. Please note that your server must have the PHP cURL extension active in order to fetch data from a remote store.

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