Ticket Status

June 8, 2017

Ticket Status is a built-in feature in uCare Support System which allows you and your customers to track ticket progress from the time it is created until it’s closed. The plugin will automatically update the ticket status in many scenarios, thus taking away the hassle of having to remember to update it. Additionally, Support Agents and Support Admins can also manually update the ticket status as needed.

You can view the ticket status from the ticket list, or from within the ticket itself. Below you can find a list of all the possible statuses, as well as what they represent.

Ticket Status List

  1. New: This status is automatically assigned to a ticket when it is created. This means that the ticket has been created but never been opened by anyone.
  2. Opened: This ticket status is automatically assigned to a ticket once it’s been viewed by an agent.
  3. Waiting: Is a status that is automatically assigned to a ticket when an agent has responded to the customer. ( i.e: the agent has written a comment and is now waiting on the customer to answer ).
  4. Responded: Is a status that is automatically assigned when the customer has responded back to the agent.
  5. Needs Attention: This is a manually assigned status. You can use this when in scenarios where you want to raise awareness.
  6. Closed: This status is manually & automatically assigned to a ticket by the agent, the customer or the plugin. A customer can choose to close their own tickets when they feel the issue has been resolved. The agent can also close a ticket in the same way. Lastly, if automatic ticket close is turned on, then the plugin will automatically close the ticket after X number of days of in-activity which can all be set in the plugin settings.

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