Troubleshooting Email Piping

February 25, 2018

If you are having issues piping your email, please follow these steps to troubleshoot.

Basic Troubleshooting

1. Is your website behind a firewall, htaccess password, or password protected?
Email piping needs to pull your emails from a remote server, so if your site is locked, email piping will not work until your site is publicly accessible.

2. Do you have the correct credentials?
This sounds like an easy task, however most issues with email piping are because the user is entering the wrong information, or has a small typo in one of the fields. Please take a couple of minutes to double check the host name, protocol, username, password and port number. You can check out this article for a list of IMAP/POP3 settings for some of the popular mail services.

3. Are there any new & unread messages in your inbox ?
Ensure that there are some emails sitting in your inbox that are new and unread. If you happen to have a different mail client pulling your mail, it may be pulling the messages before uCare does.

4. Have you allowed 3rd party apps to pull incoming mail?
Gmail, and some other providers, require you to turn on something they call “less secure connections” in your settings, before they allow the Email Piping add-on to work. Click here to learn how to do that in your account. Doing this is safe, our plugin uses the same security standards used by most popular mail clients.

5. Have you enabled IMAP or POP3 through your mail server ?
If you are using Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook etc.., please ensure that you enable IMAP & POP3 from your Settings page. Click here to see an article from Google on how to enable this in your Gmail account. For Outlook and others, this can also be found in your mail settings.

Advanced Troubleshooting

1. Does your host block ports 995 or 993 ?
IMAP and POP3 require these ports to be open for email piping to work. These ports are a standard for handling mail, however some hosts choose to block them for some reason outside of our scope. If you have gone through the basic troubleshooting and are not able to get email piping to work, please contact your hosting provider and inquire if ports 995 and 993 are open. IF your hosting provider does not open these ports for you, we recommend that you host your help desk with a different hosting provider. You cannot handle email if these ports are not open.

2. Are you using WP Engine ?
Worry not, Email Piping has been tested on WP Engine. In fact, this site is actually on WP Engine, with Email Piping on the demo page. The only issue we currently have with WP Engine, is that when you click “Test Connection” you will always get an error, BUT if you wait till the mail check interval happens, you will find that emails are in fact being piped correctly! We have tested Email Piping on multiple sites hosted with WP Engine and so far so good, aside form the fact that it always shows Error in the Test Connection.

3. Are iconv and mbstring enabled in PHP ?

It’s not common for these functions to not be available, however some servers have these PHP functions disabled. Check with your server admin/hosting provider and ensure these functions are available.

4. Check the PHP error log
When you have issues connecting to email piping, there will most likely be errors showing up in your PHP error log, which can be quite helpful when debugging the issue. A quick search for the error message will give you an idea where the error might be.

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