User Roles & Capabilities

June 7, 2017

uCare has 4 different user roles. These user roles are used to differentiate between the types of user your Help Desk has, as well as what they can do. You can read a description of each of these roles here to help you decide which roles to use when adding support staff to your system.

  1. Support User: This user role is able to login to the help desk, create tickets, upload images to their own tickets and communicate directly with an agent. This user role can also close their own tickets. This is the role that is automatically assigned to your customers when they register through your support page. Lastly, Support User can update their basic personal profile and password.
  2. Support Agent: This user role can do everything that a Support User can do. Additionally, this user role is able to respond to tickets created by anyone who is a Support User, assign tickets to themselves or to other agents. Support Agent is also able to close tickets created by themselves, or by others.
  3. Support Admin: This user role can do anything that a Support Agent can do. Additionally, Support Admin can view reports and agent performance.
  4. WordPress Admin: This is the default Admin role in WordPress, and this role can do everything that a Support Admin can do.

You can add support agents and admins directly from the WordPress Users page. For instructions on how to do so, read this article.

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