WooCommerce Integration

May 23, 2018

Advanced WooCommerce Support

By default, uCare comes with basic WooCommerce support that allows users to select the product that their ticket is about. When a user creates a ticket with uCare Pro, details about the customer’s order and purchase history will also be pulled in when viewing the ticket.

Order Number Validation

When a user is creating a ticket, the system will validate the order number as they type to indicate whether or not they have entered it correctly.

Viewing Order Details

In the sidebar when viewing the ticket, a section titled Purchase Details will appear that displays common details about the order such as: the date it was placed; status; items purchased; refunds (date and amount); and the shipping address.

Connecting to a Remote Store

The pro version of uCare also supports pulling order information from a remote store. This configuration will require that you have cURL enabled on the server that uCare is installed on and that the WooCommerce REST API is enabled. You will also need a WooCommerce REST API key with read permissions. If you are unsure of how to acquire this, check out these steps on how to create a WooCommerce API key.

To enable remote support check Use Remote Store after the page reloads, enter the address of the server with your API key and client secret from WooCommerce.

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