Version 1.8

Tentative Release date: May 2018

  • Developers can now add custom fields to the ticket form
  • Single Ticket view will now be separated, which means each ticket to have it’s own permalink.
  • Add the option to allow agents to edit ticket information ( ticket author/customer, category, product )

Version 1.7

Tentative Release date: May 2018

  • Canned Responses extension will be released and included in uCare Pro
  • Export Data extension will be released and included in uCare Pro. This will allow admins to download CSV reports for tickets and activity.

Version 1.6

Tentative Release date: end of March 2018

  • Plugin creates unique pages for Login, Create Ticket, Edit Profile are now separate pages. This allows developers to integrate uCare with any other plugin with hooks.
  • Login Form now has an option to call wp_head and wp_footer. Meaning the plugin now integrates nicely with plugins that alter the registration/logging in mechanism of WordPress.
  • Plugin now relies on the WordPress REST API for several processes such as new ticket submissions, ticket updates, attachment retrieval, user registration, password reset. uCare will move towards being fully reliable on the REST API.
  • Added option to delete tickets for users with the proper capability. By default this capability will be limited to the WordPress Admin as well as the Support Admin, however the capability can be assigned to any role or specific user.
  • Added a toolbar above the ticket list for Bulk Actions.
  • Introduced a new migration system to replace the current



  • Added Persian translation


  • Updated German translations
  • Fixed appearance of category colors


  • Added the ability to assign unique colors for ticket categories
  • Added support for custom fields
  • Fixed bug blocking first-login modal
  • Added German Translation
  • Added Serbian Translation


  • Added add-ons for auto ticket routing, advanced EDD, and Agent notes and Slack notifications
  • Make enqueue functions specific to support system with public
  • Code cleanup and splitting functions files
  • seperate WooCommerce & EDD code to allow for add-ons
  • Moved ticket creation and user registration hooks to a new file
  • Added Dutch Translation
  • Fixed image gallery visual bug


  • Added option allowing users to set attachment file types
  • Added additional customer ticket history in the ticket view sidebar
  • Added option allowing agents to create tickets on behalf of customers
  • Added menu location allowing users to set a custom menu for the helpdesk
  • Added option to toggle clock on/off
  • Added option for login-form shortcode
  • Re-styled the admin page to look more WP native
  • Added all the Google Fonts to the font options
  • Added a shortcode [support-login] that displays a login form for the support system


  • Bug fix with logo in navbar


  • Added Email Piping & Guest Tickets add-on
  • Ticket attachments now supports zip, pdf and text files
  • Added company logo in the help desk header with link back to site
  • Added Back To Site link in the dropdown menu in the helpdesk


  • Fix bug that is blocking comments for other CPTs from appearing public


  • Fix div being injected in the header


  • Bug fix for error occuring on un-install
  • Logout redirect fix


  • Fixed readme file structure


  • Added French/Arabic translations


  • Added extension licensing support
  • Added public functions for registering extension licenses in core
  • Added new email notifications for agents
    • Ticket Assigned
    • Customer Reply
  • Added check for minimum PHP version 5.5
  • Deprecated use of Components
  • Moved Options under root namespace
  • Added options to configure primary and secondary fonts
  • New look for settings page
  • Added new public functions for logging and developer mode
  • Added open ticket count to WordPress admin bar
  • Ticket response text input now auto expands when typing long replies
  • Added support quick link widget to display on site
  • Added new email notification to send to site admin when a ticket is created
  • Fixed issue where quick editor would not update in WordPress admin
  • Added ability to create categories for support tickets


  • Added system log with level and tag filtering under reports view
  • Tweaks and re-enabled cron that deletes abandoned stale tickets
  • Added ability to filter out stale tickets from WordPress admin and front end
  • Added filters to WordPress admin for ticket product and status
  • Fixed permission issue preventing Email Templates and Support Ticket custom post types from being able to be deleted in bulk
  • Prefixed plugin menu pages in WordPress admin
  • Front end link back to WordPress admin now links to top level Support System menu page
  • Colorized reports Y-axes to match their respective lines
  • Added ability to disable system logging and clear existing log entries
  • Added ability to set the maximum number of days before a ticket is marked as stale
  • Fixed issue where multiple migrations would run at once
  • Auto close tickets is now available


  • Added reports menu page with overview of total tickets opened/closed and per agent totals
  • Added cron job to mark tickets as stale after a set number of days and option to delete tickets 24 hours later
  • Added new email and default template to notify users of ticket inactivity
  • Added ability to filter unassigned tickets from front-end
  • Fixed issue where updating a ticket overwrites its created date
  • Fixed issue where password reset link would not work if permalinks are not set
  • Prep for extensions support
  • Restructured admin menu configuration
  • Added branding to admin settings


  • Fix issue with DB query showing up in the admin dashboard for some users


  • Added confirmation for deleting images and comments
  • Gravtar of assigned agent in ticket list
  • Cross-browser CSS fixes
  • Added tracking for ticket closing.
  • Added Forgot Password option to Login screen


  • Added ability to upload images to a ticket
  • Updated notifications
  • Responsive fixes to the app layout
  • Added statistics bar
  • Bug fixes
  • Ability for Customer to close their own tickets
  • Ability to upload custom image for the login page
  • Statistics widget
  • Customizable widget areas on the login screen & tickets list view


Bug fixes
– Fixed scope issue which was causing conflicts with some plugins


initial release