This plugin is an extension to the uCare Support System.

Email Piping & Support is an add-on to uCare that will automatically pipe your incoming email from any email address directly to your help desk. Using this plugin, you can assign a specific inbox for support questions. When your customers send emails to that inbox, they will automatically appear in your help desk, and you will be able to communicate with your customer from the help desk to their emails.

Email Compatiblity

This add-on works with any email service that runs on POP3 or Imap. This includes Gmail, Outlook, cPanel email etc.

How Email Piping works

Your customers can send emails to create tickets or to reply to existing tickets. The plugin will automatically handle emails for you based on the sender, and whether it is a new request, or an existing one. Tickets created by email will behave very similar as how normal tickets behave.

Guest Tickets

Sometimes, you want to allow your customers to create tickets as a guest. This can be easily achieved with this add-on. Once you assign an inbox to the uCare Help Desk, guests can create tickets just by sending an email to that address. Guests will be created as a user temporarily, and will be deleted 1 day after the ticket has been closed. This ensures that guest users do not create any clutter in your WordPress users list.


  • Automatically handles emails without any further action from you! Just set up the inbox and keep working the same way you already were with uCare
  • Compatible with any IMAP/POP3 email service. ( Gmail, Outlook, cPanel email supported )
  • Supports email security protocols TLS & SSL
  • Allows guests to create support tickets without registration
  • Set the email check frequency time interval in minutes
  • Auto-assign email tickets to any category


1. uCare Support System: This plugin will only work with uCare Support from
2. An IMAP or POP dedicated email inbox. This plugin needs a dedicated inbox, because it will delete messages after they have been piped to ensure tickets and replies are created properly
3. Ports 993 and 995 have to be open on your WordPress server
4. iconv and mbstring need to be enabled in PHP


Plugin license is valid for 1 year from purchase. For full terms click here. More questions ? Contact us.