This plugin is an extension to the uCare Support System.

Grow your marketing list using your customers who register and use your support system. Existing customers and people seeking support from you are the most ideal target for marketing, especially when you’re creating your brand and looking for ways to increase sales. This add-on allows you to store people who sign up for support in any mailchimp list, as long as they agree to it ofcourse. You can select any list in your account, and this add-on will automatically insert them in your list. Watch your mailing list grow with this add-on and create a bigger list from your support contacts.

How it works

When the customer goes to your help desk to register for the support system, there will be a checkbox allowing them to sign up. If checked, this plugin will automatically create the customer in your Mailchimp list using the Mailchimp API.


The settings page for this add-on. From here, you can add your mailchimp API key, and select the list(s) that you want the data passed to.

When active, a checkbox will appear in the sign-up form. You can set the default to checked/unchecked

Plugin license is valid for 1 year from purchase. For full terms click here. More questions ? Contact us.