Automated Agent – A Feature that Will Do Your Work for You!

We are working on a new feature that we think you’re going to love! A programmable, automated responder, that will answer tickets in whichever way you tell it to! It’s pretty much like having a front-line support agent that you don’t have to pay!

We are happy to announce that we have been working on Automated Agent, a feature of uCare Help Desk Pro that will do so much for you and your customers. With Automated Agent, your customers will receive a tailored and instant reply to their tickets, based on the answers you defined. This feature gives the ability to create response templates, and chain them together as a response based on the ticket category, e-commerce product, title or content. The possibilities with this feature are endless.

Pre-defined Responses

Add as many pre-defined response templates as you want, and for any scenario that you find yourself repeating the same answer. These responses will also come in handy when we release Canned Responses.

Auto Responder Interface

We made a very user friendly interface, which allows you to define which responses get auto-inserted as a comment on a new ticket. Each automated response can contain one or many response templates.

This feature is currently in testing. We already deployed it on the live demo, so go to the demo help desk, create a ticket, and note how you will instantly see the automated response.